Most Stylish Outdoor Screens On The Sunshine Coast

We provide our clients with a wide variety of choices when it comes to modern outdoor screens on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are looking for patio screens, outdoor privacy screens, insect screens, outdoor blinds or something similar, we can custom fit them just for you.

Some of the most popular outdoor screens are those with a strong side channel. This type of either shade, or insect screen is locked into a side channel, that prevents it from blowing or fapping in the wind. It allows you to create a lovely entertaining area, even in windy or very sunny conditions.

Most outdoor privacy screens or insect screens are retractable. This means you can simply let them retract into safe housing when they are not needed. They are simple to use and both the housing and the screens themselves come in a wide variety of colours.

outside screens sunshine coastsunshine coast outdoor screens

Wide Span Outdoor Shade Screens

At Retract It, we have access to some of the widest spanning outdoor insect screens. Clients often prefer to have the one large screen, to save having a gap in the middle or a doorway for example. We can often supply one large span screen, as opposed to two smaller screens like our competitors may offer you.

When installed on a deck, outdoor screens are often known as patio screens or outdoor blinds. Essentially, they are they to provide shade and to keep out the mosquitos and other bugs. They also offer some protection from the wind.

The difference between outdoor blinds and interior blinds is the materials used to create them. Both the housing and screen materials for outdoor screens must be able to stand up against the sun and rain for example. If you install the wrong screen outside, it will quickly deteriorate.

Outdoor Screen Installers Sunshine Coast

As a locally owned and family operated business, of course we understand the environment here. All of our products are made with the materials to last against strong wind, heavy rain and salty air. This includes the outdoor screens we supply. Where possible, we also source locally manufactured products.

If you would like a quote on outdoor screens Sunshine Coast homeowners and commercial property owners highly recommend, then contact us at Retract It today. Simply phone us on (07) 5445 5502 today.